Quest 1: UrbanEngineers - FLOATING CITY

Zip File includes printable documents for modular 9-week class aligned to middle-grade standards.


Instructions for printing and other supplies included in Get Started.

Additional items to be purchased separately (listed in Get Started):

1/8" hole puncher, 35 sheets 11x17 Card Stock, bamboo skewers


In summary, the project takes students through a five-phase process:

1. Values 

situating the students' needs and values in their own context, creating and building small teams of 4-5 for the project

2. Big Ideas 

providing them tools to understand and analyze a "system" they know - i.e. school, park or other observable location - then use causal maps/feedback loops to understand how change happens in a system.

3. Designing 

applying a systems model to understand the human (lifestyle/density/mobility) and natural (geography/climate/resources) context in a city and defining "Big Ideas" and "Guiding Principles" for each of these aspects. Building a community (hands-on with a map and manipulatives), analyzing resource life-cycles and inventing a product.

4. Adaptation

what happens when something in their city changes? How did their Big Ideas and Guiding Principles hold up?

5. Your City Story 

telling the story of their city


The full curriculum is approx 9-weeks in-school, however the program is easily adaptable for after-school or week-long camps. 


Please let us know if you would like to review anything more in detail and see how to adapt for your needs. 


Many thanks for your interest!


Questions? contact us


List of files included:

1. Get Started/Digital File List / License Agreement

2. Teacher Guide (8 pgs)

3. Student Passport (printable bi-fold booklet)

4. Blank Story Cards

5. Blank Systems Wheel

6. Big Wheel Organizer

7. Illustrated Wheel Handout

8. Coastal Plain Story Cards

9. Coastal Plain Map (48"x48")

10. Resource Life Cycle Worksheet

11. Street Kit Handouts

12. Build templates (5 files, 11x17)

13. Challenge Cards

14. Rubrics

Quest 1: UrbanEngineers - FLOATING CITY

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